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Fashion Blogger


Wsdear starts our Fashion Bloggers Program in order to have more fashion specialist promote our website and products with different styling. Our bloggers benefit from special discounts and should promote our website first by serval banners or introducing us in your blog. We'll judge specific situation to consider send you free clothing run giveaway on your blog sponsored by Wsdear. Here are the details for you:

How to join our Fashion Blogger Program?

1. Add our banner to your blog

250*250        250*250   200*300  

Links to: A:




 Choose one of the links.

HTML CODE(Just copy one of the code and paste it to your blog source code section):

Banner 1:
<a href=""><img src="" alt="womens clothes free shipping worldwide" ></a>

Banner 2:
<a href=" "><img src="" alt=" womens clothes free shipping worldwide" ></a>

Banner 3:
<a href=" "><img src="" alt=" womens clothes free shipping worldwide" ></a>


2. Sponsor Giveaway

1. Add our website banner on your blog.

2. Introduce our website at the beginning of giveaway post.

3. Like our Facebook page

4. Participant should comment her favorite items links under giveaway post, for example, I hope to win and my favorite item is

5. Giveaway ends after 3 weeks, and we will choose 1 winner who meets our requirements.

6. It is an international giveaway, free shipping worldwide.

7. Blogger Reward:  Bloggers can choose one item to review which is under $30 from the following link 

     Winner Reward :  Winner can get one Fashion T-shirt(SKU:4460-1) which is $15.99.

8. Remember to tell your readers in your post: This is a sponsored post from Wsdear with my unbiased thoughts.


3. Review

We will send items to the blog owners and giveaway winners after giveaway end, please remember to write review posts ASAP once you receive our items and send back to us to have a look. 


4. Continue Cooperation

After getting your review posts, we will arrange to ship you new items to review.

We will cancel the cooperation if don't receive review from you. So please don't try to find some absurd reason to cheat us.



We may collect photos of your post and related comments.

At times, we may use the content. E.g., we may put it on facebook or use your photos on our website. If you do not agree, please inform us in advance.



 Please feel free to Mail at if any more questions.