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Dress Tips

How to style your own floral dresses?

Floral dresses are simple, elegant pieces of clothing that comes to women’s mind every year when weather getting warmer. The floral Print gives a feeling of light and fresh. Unlike solid color or other pattern, floral is cute, feminine, casual that is perfect for many occasions.

There are questions after choosing a suitable floral dress. How to style your own floral dress? What accessories should i use? What shoes should i wear? If you have such confusion, then follow this tips.

What shoes should i wear?

If your dress is in light color, then sandals in light color is a good choice. Sandals can pair any length of dresses in summer. No matter you are using high heel sandals or flats.

If you are wearing floral dresses in cooler season, you may try boots. For a shorter floral dress, try knee- or thigh-high boots for a classic evening look. For longer dresses, you may try ankle boots.

Should i wear necklace?

It depends on the occasion you wear it for. If you are going to evening party, necklace will be a better choice. A simple gold or silver chain with a small pendant will look pleasing with a floral patterned dress. Wear earrings for a more elegant evening look. Please remember to choose simple accessories.

What about handbags?

A solid color handbag would be a proper choice. White or black will be a classic match for floral dresses.

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